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Live Chat

Another way to communicate with customers

Some customers prefer text chat to phone calls. A chat icon on your website might be one of your advantages over the competitors.

We offer affordable on-line chat service to our customers. You can chat with your customers using your desktop/laptop or smart phone.

We are able to keep low price on chat because we use modern web technologies. The downside is that our chat system might not work on an obsolete web browser.

Please visit custom order page to include chat system in your order.


Installation: $80.
Monthly fee: $5 unless you use it really hard, see below.

50 megabytes of traffic

We charge $5/month for the chat service if your chat traffic does not exceed 50 megabytes. This is usually enough for small business (for example, the size of "War and Peace" – 1274 pages – by Leo Tolstoy is less than 8 megabytes). For larger data amounts there is a fee of 5 per every 50 megabytes transmitted.

Protection from prank

To make it more accessible we do not use captcha for the chat service. A website visitor who has sent 10 messages and did not receive any response from the operator gets temporary banned.

There is a size limit of 50 kbytes per message, which is approximately 10.000 words. (Can be changed by request.)

Chat status

There are three chat states: green, orange, and red.

Green means that the operator is fully available and can respond fast. Orange means that the operator is partially available, but still can respond within several minutes. Red means that the operator is not available. (S)he will still receive the messages, but will not respond within a reasonable time. When the chat status is red (unavailable), the chat icon on the right is hidden, so a new chat can not be initiated.

Switching chat states on a website is easy: for example, to change it on, one should visit

The address is password-protected to prevent unauthorized usage.

Technical details

All chats are connected to the Operator's (website owner's) telegram account. Operator chats using hisher laptop andor smartphpone or other similar device powered by Windows, MacOS, Android, or Linux.

Emoji symbols are partially supported. They can be sent by the Operator, but not by the website Visitor (customer).

The Operator can chat with several Visitors simultaneously.

The chat history is stored for 3 days. If the Visitor decides to resume the chat within three days, previous messages will be displayed when (s)he opens the chat window. For the Operator, the chat history is stored on telegram servers until (s)he decides to clean it.

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