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Combined hosting

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Combined hosting

As with any hosting service, you can store traditional HTML files on your hosting account.

Another option is to create text files similar to this one – our website builder will automatically generate HTMLs from your text files every time you update them.

The hosting fee is $2/month or $20/year per 100mb (sufficient for most websites).

Generated web pages

Some website owners postpone updates because editing an HTML file requires some technical expertise, and even for an expert this is not a 5 minute job.

Our website constructor automatically transforms simple text file into HTML every time you update it.

Many web pages can be generated in this way; we recommend it for simple web pages.

Featured web pages

Some web pages using advanced features (e.g., Calendar) can not be generated from a template. Usually there are just a few web pages using these features; these can be stored as traditional HTML pages.

By default, HTML files are hosted on our servers, but we can synchronize them with any other host as long as it supports ssh cryptographic keys.

User interface

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