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Business Email

Your domain email

An email address looks more professional than a long address With our email service you will be able to create and configure business email accounts at your website, e.g.,

Features: IMAP and SMTP servers, forward/copy to another email address, auto-reply.
Anti-spam technologies supported: SPF, DKIM, DMARC.


Up to 10 email accounts (incl. 3Gb mailbox space): $4/month

Business email

IMAP and SMTP servers

We will set up your email program (client) to deliver email using our IMAP and SMTP servers.

Full email control

Email configuration is easy. Available filters on incoming email: forward (to another address), copy (to another address, e.g., for backups), auto-respond (when on vacation), and discard.


Some "free" email services make money on analyzing email content. We do not have any robots or artificial intellect that scans customers' emails.


All communications between your computer/device and email servers are encrypted.


Here are the settings for the email client (reader):

serverconnectionuser nameauthentication
for incoming emailleanweb.solutionsSSL/TLSyour emailplain password
for outgoing emailleanweb.solutionsSSL/TLSyour emailplain password

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